The people behind it

The method is unique.
What makes it superior is experts who apply their deep understanding to impart it to others.

It doesn’t matter whether you are involved with us as a founder and partner of scale up or work with one of our certified senior scale up coaches. We’re all essentially the same because we were, or still are, entrepreneurs ourselves and want to continue learning and evolving every day.

We definitely don’t see ourselves as conventional consultants who simply tell you what you’re supposed to do. Instead, we believe in what we preach and strive to teach you to use certain tools so you can achieve the results that are right for you. This is the only path to authentic uniqueness.

In the process, we always remain unprejudiced and appreciative. And when it’s necessary, we also go to places where it hurts. We penetrate things deeply to pull them out into the light and restore their simplicity and ease … and we see ourselves as ardent yet modest members of the team. And everything we say or do serves only one purpose, which is definitely not to show off. We give everything to be the best persons that we can possibly be. For you and for ourselves, so we can be good and valuable traveling companions and really rock together.

Founder and Partner

Nikolai Ladanyi
»It’s never about good or bad actions, only about whether they are effective or ineffective.«
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Founder and Partner

Ralph Chromik
“Life is too short to put on a sad face.”
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Top Coaches Welcome
We naturally work on our own growth, and are therefore always open for appropriate reinforcement.
Are you looking for new challenges on the basis of your past business experience as an entrepreneur? Do you love promoting others’ development with expert coaching, and are you looking for an exciting new opportunity to take your own competencies to the next level? If so, then we’d also like to extend our invitation to you: “Join the scale up experience!”
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Valuable Partners

Who we are deeply connected with, who we especially value as complementary experts, and where our customers (and we ourselves) can also gain a lot.

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Limitless Engagement

Education is the key to tapping more of your potential. We also work to foster successful entrepreneurship in places where not everyone can afford professional coaching.

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