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Our offerings are in a class of their own.
And you can take this literally in every sense.
Does scale up really make sense for us? How can I get acquainted with the system before going in deeply? What options are there for getting started correctly? And what comes next? These are justified questions. And we have the right answers to every one of them for you – here or, if you want to know even more, also personally whenever you like.

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Is scale up also right for you?
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Our 4D Assessment lets you identify the areas in which scale up can noticeably and measurably advance your development. Then you’ll be in a better position to decide whether you want to get to know us and our system better
Want to get to know scale up first?
Nothing is easier.
Take a look, click your way inside, download materials, read a bit, call us, listen in … there are plenty of ways for you to get to know us, easily and without any further obligation.
  • Open Workshops
    Learn the system’s essentials in one day
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  • Scale Up Summit
    An open users’ conference with top speakers from around the world
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  • Books and Audio Books
    Potent content for diving into the adventure of genuine growth
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  • Webinars
    The system’s central framework, live on screen
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  • Downloads
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  • Initial Call
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Our program of classes at various locations. Our coaches help you become expert at applying our methodology. Sharing and discussing with others gives you an extra boost.

  • Efficient
    Learn to understand and apply the entire methodology in one year

  • Intensive
    Up to 12 companies (with up to three persons each) in each training group

  • Continual
    You stay with it, thanks to a clearly defined rhythm and team commitment

  • Enriching
    A noticeable value add from a networked learning process with other companies
Easy Learning. Many Benefits.

Our scale up Academy, with its innovative learning format, combines our competencies and experience from one-on-one company coaching with the value gained from learning interactively in a group of like-minded people.

The compact size of the groups permits intensive training by our scale up coaches. A clearly structured timeline and content ensure easily digestible continuity. And the intensive sharing and sparring with one another is enormously valuable for each and every participant.

Our scale up Academy thus provides an effective yet resource-saving framework that enables virtually any professionally thinking company to get inside our methodology and achieve healthy long-term growth.

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You Can Count on It
  • 12 Months are enough for you to learn everything you need to grow dynamically AND sustainably with your company.
  • 4 Areas are crucial. And you will achieve mastery in the methods of every one.
  • 40 k 40,000 Companies worldwide are already using these methods to successfully scale up

scale up Academy

Where Can It Start?
At this time you can join the unique network of scale up learners and users in these cities
… and the scale up Academy keeps on growing. Perhaps also at your preferred site, if you support us.
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Can I bring scale up right into my company?
Would you rather join scale up on an exclusively, location-independent basis, or are there other reasons why our Academy program doesn’t quite suit your company?
If that’s the case, we may be able to offer you an exciting alternative in the form of company coaching. And in the near future, yet another with our upcoming online courses.
scale up Company Coaching
We go to you to provide one-on-one support
Bring concentrated scale up competence right into your company within the scope of a variable 12-month package. It doesn’t get any more intensive and flexible than this!
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scale up Online Course Program
Method training where, when and how you want
Maximum freedom for learning. Optimal delivery of method knowledge and all tools as an online course package. This program is still being developed.