Best of global expertise localised to Ireland

Paul O’Kelly and the ScaleUp Ireland team have worked in Ireland and more than 20 countries around the work with 150+ highly successful start-ups, thriving scale-ups and global corporations. Our coaches blend this practical experience and learning with the deep expertise of our coaching, consulting and research partners in Europe to bring you a high impact learning experience.

The scale up Masterclass

Our program of classes is held at various locations. Our coaches help you become an expert at applying our methodology. Sharing and discussing with others gives you an extra boost.

  • Efficient Learn to understand and apply the entire methodology in one year.
  • ContinuousYou stay with it, thanks to a clearly defined rhythm and team commitment.
  • Intensive
    Up to 10 companies (up to 2-5 people per company) in each training group.
  • Enriching
    Learning together with your team and sharing experiences with other companies creates a rich learning environment. 

Experience Sharing

Executive Summary

  • Guidance Active execution of the scale up framework with the guidance of a certified scale up coach.
  • Whole TeamThe whole leadership team can participate, so everyone is ready to execute.
  • Experience SharingCollective experience sharing – learn from your classmates’ entrepreneurial journey.

The program is optimised for a period of 12 months. Each group consists of up to 10 companies (and max. 30 participants). The shown prices are per team and per month. All information is summarised in this PDF file:

Easy Learning. Many Benefits.

The compact size of the groups permits intensive training by our scale up coaches. The structured timeline and content ensure easily digestible learning. The intensive collaboration and challenge with one another is enormously valuable for each and every participant.

Our scale up Masterclass (aka “Combinator”), with its innovative learning format, combines our competencies and experience from one-on-one company coaching with the value gained from learning interactively in a group of like-minded people.

Our scale up Masterclass provides an effective, yet resource-saving framework that enables virtually any professionally thinking company to get inside our methodology and achieve healthy long-term growth.

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2 participants – €1,395 / per month (12 months) 
3 participants – €1,395 / per month (12 months) 
4 participants – €1,595 / per month (12 months) 
5 participants – €1,795 / per month (12 months) 
6 participants – €1,995 / per month (12 months)

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