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in the online
cosmetics market.
This is what
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Enthusiastic Clients

Who is exactly right for us
and can benefit most intensely from scale up?

Our methodology works for companies of all industries, and we sincerely appreciate and are interested in everyone who strives to develop themselves further, both personally and as entrepreneurs.

So that we can optimally delivery on our extraordinary promise, however, certain parameters are key.

scale up is perfect for you if:

  • … you are hungry, self-reflecting entrepreneurial learners in search of a mentor to help you think the right thoughts and challenge you to become real game changers.
  • … you have already tried out other approaches that didn’t really help you move forward, at least not far enough.
  • … e.g. you are a more mature startup or an experienced small or midsized company searching for the way back to more dynamic growth.
  • … you want to master the growing complexities of digitization, globalization & Co. with intelligent tools.
  • … you want a proven solution to lock in your currently strong growth with good management practices.
  • … you constantly feel overwhelmed by a lack of coordination that has afflicted your company as a byproduct of its own growth or succe
  • … you make great sales but are busy putting out fires day and night to keep the ball rolling.


Stephanie Hellstedt
»Many supposedly difficult decisions became very clear when systematically applying the tools and processes.«
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Lorenz Illing
»The scale up program was one of the most important sources of inspiration for our academy this year.«
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Oliver Gernstl
»What I immediately liked about the scale up approach is that the process aims at enabling staff to work more independently and accept responsibility for their actions.«
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