Superior Method

Full Speed Ahead with Control
Why our method is better through every growth phase
In our view, good – i.e. genuine – growth is always based on a healthy and therefore lastingly effective all-round balance of all four relevant core action areas and their important interactions. We call our approach to systematically managing them 4D Boost Control. Like in a vehicle with all-wheel drive, this method and the accompanying tools make sure that you as an entrepreneur can focus completely on maximizing performance by making sure that all four areas always mesh in an appropriately balanced man
  • 4D: People


    Are the right people on board? Are they motivated and well-integrated?
  • 4D: Strategy


    Which strategy do we follow and why? Do we dare to think bigger and further?
  • 4D: Execution


    How do we advance quickly, efficiently and effectively to concrete action?
  • 4D: Cash


    What do we have to do to consistently stay autonomous and liquid while growing?

4D Boost Control

Are you attracting the right people, and can you hold onto them?
Become a magnet for players that go all out to achieve results. The most difficult decisions that growing companies have to make involve choosing the right people for the right roles. Is everyone really passionately pulling on one rope (and in the right direction) at your firm? Depending on your particular growth strategy, the scale up people tools help you find the right goal- and results-oriented people who will then consistently do the right thing.

4D Boost Control

Do you have a strategy that truly sets you apart and sets the stage for sustainable growth in sales?
Do you have a convincing corporate strategy? Can your management team communicate it in a straightforward way that everyone will understand? And does this strategy also consistently yield increasing sales and profit margins? This part of 4D Boost Control includes many valuable drivers and tools for harnessing strategy for your success. For example: Know your target customers. Define a clear promise. And set an inspiring, big, bold and helpful goal (in our method, we call this BHAG®). scale up provides you with the required intelligent tools for making sure that everyone in your company focuses on ONE clear, common goal.

4D Boost Control

Do all processes work well in your operation, and do they produce above-average results for your industry?
Magnify your strategic advantage over your competitors! One of the challenges that growing companies in particular face is that of avoiding a creeping decline in quality in their operations. Streamlining while consistently keeping an eye on this aspect can dramatically improve profitability while also tapping unutilized productivity. The scale up tools can help you save up to 90% of the time that you currently need to manage your business. Then your managers can, for example, finally start paying more attention to sales-oriented tasks … and you as an entrepreneur are once again free to proactively work ON instead of IN your company!

4D Boost Control

Do you always have enough liquid funds to get through rough times in good shape?
The first law of business is that growth consumes liquid assets. So in order to healthily fund dynamic growth, it’s essential to speed up your cash conversion cycles (CCC). This metric measures how fast a euro spent (e.g. on marketing, design, leases, salaries etc.) flows back into your coffers as a result of sales and payments. The scale up cash tools visualize this to help you halve it over the next 12 months and double your operating cash flow.
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Straight to Practice
The best way to learn is by doing. That’s why with us, you can get that turbocharged feeling without cramming a lot of theory first.

Apart from the scale up methodology’s holistic approach, another important thing that sets it apart and accounts for its benefits is the fact that you almost immediately jump right in and start practicing. While many other methods begin with theory (and all theory is gray), you very quickly start applying scale up … and therefore learn directly, which gives you a deeper understanding and anchors you more firmly.
The Right Gear for Every Expedition
We give you tools for progressing in every situation
Comprehensive Work Materials
Clearly structured worksheets for every relevant topic
Central Method Tools
Helpful system tools for focusing effectively
Clear Process Structure
For an optimal team orientation so everything will sensibly mesh
Intensive Live Coaching
Hands-on teaching of basics and training in applying them
Unlimited Hotline and Check-In Calls*
Competent, flexible advice and guidance, available by video call or phone
* Check-in calls available for company coaching only
Valuable Online Support
A log-in section with current work materials, downloads, status reports and much more
Forget What You Thought About Coaches
What makes each of our experts uniquely valuable to your company
What they all share is personal experience as a company founder and/or managing director, immense expertise and consummate skill as a trainer, along with the ability to systematically develop their own personality while they were intensively preparing to become a certified scale up Senior Coach – adding up to what is probably, in this form at least, an unbeatable overall skill set.
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Why It Works Better
A superior approach for achieving superior growth

In our opinion, scale up is the only truly holistic methodology in the German market that actually offers hungry, dynamically growing companies the right lessons and tools for effectively and practically mastering the key challenges posed by growth.
  • ! 360° relevance Only scale up actually covers all of the important areas for sustainably healthy growth.
  • ! Exceptional knowledge transfer Our coaching and learning offering lets you make noticeable progress from the first moment on.
  • ! Universal relevance We pick you up wherever you are. And guide you to wherever you want to go.
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We Didn’t Invent It
But we adapted it specifically for the European market, and continue to improve it based on our own expertise and experience.

The methodology that we apply today to help companies achieve exceptional growth is essentially based on the “Scaling Up” model developed by the renowned author of the bestselling book with the same title, namely Verne Harnish.

For many years, we have been connected to Verne by more than just a special friendship. We were also the first to bring his teachings to Germany and make them accessible to the German-speaking market. With scale up, we not only translated the book but also adapted the whole methodology to address the special requirements here while developing it further.

Incidentally, Nikolai was the first certified coach for this methodology, and today is the only official German Gazelles coach. scale up is also involved in the global Gazelles ScaleUp Summit tours, hosting the related events in Germany.

Gazelle Certified
The Growth Guy
Why we are infinitely grateful to Verne Harnish and nevertheless go our own way
At the time of our first meeting, we were still entrepreneurs ourselves, looking for support along our own success paths. And today we are scaling up scale up itself.
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