Get Acquainted with scale up

Open Workshops

Learn the system’s essentials in one day

At regular intervals and at different locations, we hold one-day open-to-all workshops that instill new awareness of the true meaning of growth and introduce you to the core aspects of the methodology.

Are the right people on board? Are they motivated and well-integrated?

Which strategy do we follow and why? Do we dare to think bigger and further?

How do we advance quickly, efficiently and effectively to concrete action?

What do we have to do to consistently stay autonomous and liquid while growing?

The workshops address managers at successful, ambitious companies of all sizes and are also ideal for management teams.

They run from about 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and include enough time for personal sharing with the teachers and participants.

Would you like to learn more (e.g. about the next planned workshops, venues, fees etc.) or sign up for an event?