scale up on site

Company Coaching
Exclusive one-on-one support on site at your company

Similarly to the Academy program, scale up company coaching is designed to run for at least one year. However, due to its exclusive focus on a single company it is significantly more intensive and can help that company make measurably faster progress. Although many clients actually treat themselves to valuable additional time for perfecting what they have learned!

Company coaching requires us to commit more personnel, so there are limits to its availability. But we’ll do everything in our power to accommodate your request!

The process passes through these stages:

1. Assessment
After an initial phone conversation with you, we ask all the participants of the next kickoff workshop to complete our 4D Assessment in advance. The point of this is to find out how the team assesses itself with regard to the four core areas and how homogeneous this self-assessment is across the group.

2. Kickoff
Then comes a two-day kickoff with the entire management team. Here the participants are acquainted with the essentials of the scale up methodology and then immediately apply the lessons learned to the company to produce “real” results. The focus is on the OnePageStrategicPlan (OPSP) and initiating the scale up process in your company.

3. Decision-Making Phase
After the kickoff workshop (and after you have learned how we work), you decide (and it’s completely up to you) whether or not you want to begin a year-long company coaching program with us.

4. Program Start
The program consists of four parts, during which our senior scale up coaches guide your team through the entire process and, with the following support modules among other things, make sure that the following essential parts are implemented with the correct attitude:

  1. Up to three on-site sessions per quarter, one of which is a planning workshop: Depending on the agreed program intensity, between one and three times per quarter we spend a whole day addressing new tools and/or important action areas in the team and jointly derive meaningful and effective tasks for you to work on.

    We devote about half of the time during these sessions to new topics and the other half to reviewing what has already been learned and planning the next quarter.
  2. Monthly mentoring program: Each month on a regular basis, we spend about an hour on the phone with you as the entrepreneur, mentoring you on operational issues and working on a topic that you yourself define to enable you to make progress with it.
  3. An unlimited hotline is available to all members of the team in case you have questions.
  4. We also support you in finding the ideal frequency for regular company meetings (daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly).
  5. All this is supplemented by additional valuable modules like a two-day annual planning workshop, an annual team assessment of management health, access to our complete toolkit with lots of helpful learning and implementation tools … and of course also free use of special scale up software for optimally monitoring goals, priorities and progress made toward envisaged results.

Would you like to learn more (e.g. on the exact terms, current availabilities etc.)?